• April 13, 2024

What This MO Family Did To 6yo Boy, To Teach Him A Lesson, Landed Them In Jail On Felony Charges

(Scroll Down For Video) One of the first things a child learns is, actions have consequences. This family is learning that lesson the hard way, as the mother, grandmother and aunt, of a 6 year old boy in Troy, Missouri, are all in jail today, facing felony kidnapping, abuse, neglect and felonious restraint charges. They are, also, all still sitting in jail pending the forking over of $250,000 bond, each.


Why would a family kidnap their own son? To teach him a “lesson.” It seems the boy’s mother and grandmother thought the boy was a little “too nice” and thought scaring the pants off him, literally, would make an impression on him in regards to stranger danger.

The young boy’s aunt enlisted the help of a co-worker, Nathan Firoved, to do the actual kidnapping. He lured the boy in to his pickup truck after he got off the school bus on Monday, February 2. From there flashed a gun, he bound the boy’s hands and feet, carried him into the basement of his home, blindfolded, told him he would be nailed to the wall of a shed and he would never see his family again. He also pulled down the boy’s pants and told him he would be sold into sex slavery.

“Family members told investigators their primary intent was to educate the boy and felt they did nothing wrong.”

The four suspects were arrested after the boy reported the incident to a teacher. All are awaiting arraignment, this morning, in a Lincoln County court, in Missouri.

The St. Louis Post Dispatch and FOX2Now St. Louis were sources for this story.

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