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Durham Report IS Coming Soon, Top Obama Officials Will Go To Prison!

Man, I don’t know about you, wait I do, we are all wanting to see those in the Obama administration and the deep state rounding up and put in jail, right?

These people have done so much damage to our country and we see them still in the public eye and essentially laughing in our faces that they have avtered justice for so long.

Well, maybe it won’t be that much longer and these horrible people that have worked so hard to destroy our nation will face justice soon enough.

Early yesterday, Sara Carter released a bombshell and I am sure it has the deep state shaking in their commie boots.

While many have forgotten about John Durham and his alleged “Report” that is supposed to be coming, Carter reports it is in fact still coming and soon!

And she says it will lead to many top-level Obama officials going to prison.

Carter’s report is from her new interview with

Devin Nunes.

Take a look:

Here is more from Sara Carter:

Ranking Member of the powerful House Intelligence Committee Rep. Devin Nunes told me on The Sara Carter Show podcast that he still expects Justice Department Special Counsel John Durham to release a damaging report on the FBI’s debunked investigation into former President Donald Trump and Russia. He also expects it will lead to prison sentences for some former senior Obama officials.

Nunes is one of the few members of the Republican Party that still believe justice will be served. He laid out his reasons on The Sara Carter Show and said he hasn’t given up faith in Durham’s investigation despite the enormous speculation that the Durham investigation will fail to deliver justice.

Many supporters of Trump, including the former President himself, have already begun questioning the legitimacy of Durham’s probe and whether or not any action would be taken by the Special Counsel in his investigation.

The bottom line here is is that there’s a massive erosion of nearly every institution in this country right now

Durham resigned in February from his position as the top federal prosecutor in Connecticut but he remained the special counsel on the Justice Department’s investigation into the origins of the Russia probe. Durham was appointed in October by then-Attorney General William Barr to serve as special counsel to investigate the origins of the FBI’s unscrupulous investigation into Trump.

Over the past four years, numerous FBI officials under President Obama’s watch were fired for their involvement in the Trump probe. That probe was mainly led by Nunes’ intensive and all-encompassing investigation during his tenure as Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. The probe centered on investigating the malfeasance of senior Obama officials in the bureau and in Obama’s executive branch that targeted Trump.

Nunes understands the difficult task faced by Durham who is up against some of the world’s best-trained intelligence officials and powerful bureaucracies. And the fight for Nunes isn’t over, he is been asked to head the investigation into the alleged unmasking by the NSA of Fox News television host Tucker Carlson.

Several weeks ago, Carlson disclosed that the National Security Agency was monitoring his communications to Russian officials as his team was trying to coordinate a possible interview with President Vladimir Putin. An alleged whistleblower, with direct knowledge of the NSA spying, informed Carlson that his communications had been delivered to a major news outlet in Washington D.C. in an attempt to discredit him.

“As you know, the Republican conference has asked me to investigate this,” he said. “You know, I’d like to get back to the days when I was just dealing with foreign threats, and looking at what’s happening in Cuba, looking at what Putin’s doing, looking at what the Chinese are doing. But I’m always getting rolled back into this because the Democrats in this country have weaponized our institutions over the last five, six years.”


So what do you think? Will something happen or not? Share your thoughts below!

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