Father Gets 40-Year Prison Sentence For Killing His Daughter’s Rapist, Outraged Citizens Start A Petition

Do you think that justice is being served? The petition below is gaining signatures.


In November of 2016,  Jay Mayor, plead guilty to the shooting and killing Raymond Earl Brooks. The shooting occurred in 2014. Mayor said that his daughter, Julia, had been sexually abused by Raymond Brooks between the ages of four and nine. Maynor did not want her to have to testify in court and relive the horrific memories.

Brooks, who was the adoptive maternal grandfather of Julia, was a registered sex offender who was actually convicted in 2002. He spend 27 months in jail and also had to pay restitution. Maynor believed that this punishment was not enough and shot him in an act of revenge.

It has been reported that Maynor also once shot at an abusive ex-boyfriend of Julia’s. Julia has said, “My father was protecting me, like a father should do. He is an amazing father – actually the best. He loves us so much.”

People believe that Maynor’s 40-year prison sentence is outrageous and have started a petition that asks the Governor of Alabama to pardon him. Reportedly, the petition needs 1000 more signatures to reach its goal of 7500. Once the goal is reached, the petition will be delivered to the Alabama’s Governor.

The petition states: “Jay Maynor has been sentenced to 40 years in prison for killing his daughter’s rapist. Jay is not a threat to society. He is a good man. We would like to see him set free or at minimum a lesser sentence.”

Another petition has been submitted at It reads:

Jay Maynor did what any father would do, defend his family and daughter. Even though it was years later, you can never erase the pain of sexual abuse. Raymond Earl Brooks got what was coming to him. He should have been in prison! Instead, justice found him in the form of the abused childs father. All undersign ask that the Governor of Alabama find i in his heart to grant this father a full pardon!

People are passionate about the issue. Consider these comments on the petition:


Having lived through similar and thirty years on still suffering, I know the pain and if the sentencing for the original crime wasn’t such a joke then fathers wouldn’t be pushed over the edge to protect their children.

Lisa Fergusson, Talbot Green, United Kingdom
42 minutes ago

He has done nothing wrong just defend his family which anyone would do. Don’t punish this man and his family any more than they have been… his daughter needs him more than ever and they have taken him away

Leanne Curran, Tamworth, United Kingdom
3 hours ago

This is a miscarraige of justice any parent that cares for the kid would do anything protect them just like he did

Paul Townsend, Tamworth, United Kingdom
3 hours ago


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