He Ignored All Warnings, Now People Wonder Why No Legal Action Was Taken [SHOCK VIDEO]

The phrase, “I’m just doing my job,” is used to explain away all manner of unsavory behavior or one’s unwillingness to do what others would consider to be the right and moral thing.


In the case of a Comcast Xfinity cable service crew in Indianapolis, Indiana, a group of men decided that doing their job was more important than helping multiples drivers involved in a car accident caused by their actions. The video of this incident has gone viral on the internet. You have to see it to believe it.

On Tuesday, a video posted by YouTuber Amish Hacker showing a Comcast Xfinity cable service causing a driving hazard on an icy neighborhood road near Indianapolis, Indiana went viral. According to CBS affiliate WTTV, the video received over 111,000 views in a very short period of time after a Reddit link regarding the story appeared at the top of the website’s home page. Two days later, the video is trending at number four on YouTube’s list of top videos, and has received almost two million views.

YouTuber Amish Hacker shot the video himself and wrote, “One vehicle slide off hit a Comcast box in Indianapolis. Comcast repair trucks parked on the road and placed 4-5 cones at the bottom of the hill they were working at. This caused 5 slide offs. I personally warned another arriving Comcast truck of the slide offs and danger of parking at the bottom of the hill. He blew me off because he “had a job to do”. Minutes later there was a crash because of the blocked lane. Multiple people were placed in danger. Even after the accident happened in front of them, they continued to work not changing any of their “safety” procedures. They showed ZERO concern for the safety of people before or after the accidents. People at the scene got out their own barriers and directed traffic while Comcast finished and left the scene.”

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