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FBI Nabs Mexican_Muslim For Kidnapping Woman and Taking Her to Mexico

A Mexican Muslim, immigration status unknown kidnapped a Muslim woman whose lifestyle she didn’t approve of and drove her into Mexico.  Norma Juarez Taha was arrested by the FBI for kidnapping a victim only identified as “AFA”.  Taha told the FBI that she committed the crime because the woman had brought shame to her family by not towing the radical Islamic line.


Taha went “AFA”s house and forced her at gunpoint into her car and forced her to hide on the floor under the glove compartment.  She smuggled the woman over the US border into Mexico with the help of another Hispanic woman.  The two injected something into the lef of “AFA” that made her nauseous and after they loaded her into a truck, she vomited.

Taha told the FBI that “AFA” needed to be sent to either Mexico or Libya.


From The Mail Online:

She was then dropped off with Taha’s accomplice at a home in Juarez, Mexico, where it seemed the inhabitants were unhappy with her presence – though they appeared to know ‘AFA’ and the woman transporting her.

One person in the home allowed ‘AFA’ to call her boyfriend. The next day, they took her to the Stanton Port of Entry, where a U.S. Border and Customs agent recognized her and brought her back to El Paso for treatment.

Taha was arrested in her home last Tuesday and has been charged with one count of kidnapping, which is punishable upon conviction by up to life in prison.

She is confined without bond to the El Paso County Jail until a Wednesday detention hearing before a federal magistrate. No attorney is listed for her on jail records.

She was reportedly denied bail because of her known connections to Mexico.

Her next court appearance is scheduled for Wednesday at 9pm. 



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