• June 17, 2024

Florida Legislature Moving to Pass Drug Testing for Welfare Recipients

Florida had previously passed a bill requiring all welfare applicants to take a drug test before receiving benefits.  A federal court ruled that was unconstitutional.  This bill would apply to all who have a criminal history of drugs.  In some cases someone suspected of drug use could also be tested.  Say they come into the office and lean on the light switch and declare, “Oh, wow, it’s an eclipse” could be tested.  Liberals say that would make Florida a state of no second chances.  I can understand that because people with drug addled brains are much more likely to vote democratic, but since they have already had drug charges, at the time of the testing, that would be their second chance.  Just sayin’.

For example, Florida lawmakers have been considering enacting a bill that would require state welfare applicants with prior drug-related convictions to submit to mandatory drug testing before receiving benefits, according to WESH.

The bill would also reportedly require applicants suspected of being on drugs to pay up to $40 for the drug testing, and those who pass the test would be reimbursed.

 Those who failed the drug test, however, would be prevented from receiving benefits for a year, or those who completed a substance abuse program at their own expense could reapply after six months.

Rep. Chris Latvala, a Republican sponsoring the bill, said the measure was intended to ensure that those getting state funds are “not using that money for drugs,” according to The Associated Press.

Democrats, of course, decried the bill as “unconstitutional,” based on a federal court ruling on a similar 2011 law that established drug screenings for all welfare applicants.

The measure would cost Florida half a million dollars to set up the program and to reimburse those who passed their drug tests.

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