• April 19, 2024

High School Student Suspended For Wearing This Shirt, Do You See The Problem With It?

A North Texas student was punished recently for wearing an American flag T-shirt to school.

An administrator at Seagoville High School determined that the shirt violated the dress code.

The boy wearing the shirt, named Jaegur, was facing in-school-suspension on his record, but his mom apparently knew more about the dress code than that educator.

Jaegur’s mom, Shelly Goode, says her son Jaegur does his best to follow the rules.

Jaegur is a junior at Seagoville High School. He’s passionate about ROTC and hopes to earn a scholarship through the program.

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“He wants to go into the military,” said Shelly. “He wants to help people, and any bad marks doesn’t look good.”

But Monday, Shelly says an administrator asked Jaegur to lift his hoodie.

“Underneath that shirt, he was wearing [the American flag] shirt,” said Shelly.

When Jaegur lifted his hoodie, he was sent to in-school suspension.

Found at Fox 10 Phoneix 

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