• April 19, 2024

How A ‘Butt Dial’ To Siri Saved One Man’s Life After Truck Falls On Him

Siri, the iPhone voice command system, saved a young man’s life when he “butt dialed” it to connect him to 911 after getting trapped underneath his truck.

According to reports, 18-year-old Sam Ray, of Murfreesboro, Tennessee, was working under his truck on July 2 when a jack gave way and caused the 5,000-pound vehicle to come down on top of him. Ray yelled for help, but nobody heard him.

Ray then overheard Siri being activated from his phone, which was in his back pocket. Realizing his opportunity, Ray then pushed on his hip to activate the microphone and call 911.

“When I heard a woman talking from inside my pocket, I just started shouting,” he said. “I didn’t know if she could hear me or not, but I heard her say that help was just around the corner.” Ray says he was trapped for 40 minutes.

 The young man suffered three broken ribs, a bruised kidney and second- and third-degree burns on his arm after it became caught underneath the exhaust pipe. He was rushed to the hospital and treated for his injuries.

Ray, who plans to attend school in Mississippi this year and become a minister, said he hopes one day to do what rescue workers and doctors did for him following the terrifying incident.

“I would love to help people the way I was helped,” he said. “This has reminded me how fragile life is and how little time we have to make a difference.”

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