• September 27, 2022

Liberal fool, Russell Brand goes after Obama’s ISIS strategy, ‘Brutality Begets Brutality’

Russell Brand may have finally tired of bashing Fox News. For his latest edition of “The Trews” on YouTube, the British actor decided not to go afterBill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity or even Greg Gutfeld. Instead, he directed his outrage towards PresidentBarack Obama and his strategy for defeating ISIS.

Russell Brand, liberal jackass
Russell Brand, liberal jackass

Brand began by targeting the president’s intentionally tough language like “We will hunt down terrorists,” saying it feeds off of Americans’ viscerally emotional reactions to the sight of ISIS beheading journalists. He them proceeded to emphasize the fact that the three beheadings — of Americans James Foley and Steven Sotloff and British aid worded David Haines — came only after the U.S. started hitting ISIS with airstrikes.


Keep in mind, this is coming from the same jackass who claimed MSNBC is ‘extremely conservative’.

“The airstrikes have been directly blamed by the perpetrators as the reason that they’re doing it,” Brand said, referring to the killings by ISIS. “Brutality begets brutality.” Later in the video, Brand said that Obama’s solution to the ISIS threat are “eerily similar” to the causes of that threat.

After playing a clip of Obama discussing one of the “core principles” of his presidency, Brand shot back, “Well, it’s good that you’ve got some core principles in your presidency, because it’s beginning to look like you don’t have any principles at all.”

Watch video below, via YouTube:

I guess this fool would prefer we send ISIS an invitation for cake and ice cream. Well, he can go first and as you already know, Steven Sotloff found out that when you try to canoodle with terrorists, they lop your head off. -MD



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