• August 10, 2022

Mike Cernovich Plans to Sue UC-Berkeley Employee For Death and Rape Threats [VIDEO]

Conservative blogger, Mike Cernovich is going after a UC Berkeley employee both civilly and criminally for a Facebook message she sent him.  He believes the message contains a death threat and a rape threat.  The offending employee is Ellen Seeling, who teaches the trumpet part time and describes herself as a butch dyke.

Seeling wrote:

“I think that you’re the prick who claims date rape doesn’t exist.”

“If yes, fuck you up the ass with a poisoned broomstick cocksucker. We shit in your mouth. Swallow it and die woman hater. I feel bad for any woman who makes the mistake of spending time with your sorry ass. I bet your wife hates your guts, just like so many of us.”

Seeling’s wife, Jean Fineberg, told The College Fix that Seeling “did a bit of a search on” Cernovich “and came up with lots of stuff.”

Especially enraging to Seeling was this 2012 tweet by Cernovich: “After abusing a girl, I always immediately send a text and save her reply.”

A UC Berkeley spokesman has indicated that Seeling will face no consequences for her torrent of Facebook insults.

Seeling is not a professor but only “a part-time trumpet instructor,” the university spokesman told the Fix. Thus, Seeling “does not speak for or represent the perspectives and positions of the University.” She made her Facebook remarks “as a private citizen.”

Cernovich is not buying the university’s claim.  He believes it’s just another cover up in a long line of cover ups by the university of violent left wing professors.  The university had their police stand down in order to allow violent leftists to assault conservatives at will.  The entire campus exploded when the fascist Nazis couldn’t stand Milo, a homosexual speaking on their campus.  At least they didn’t toss any of them off tall buildings or behead any of them.

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