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Motorcyclist Kyle Katsandris Jumps Freeway in Moreno Valley, Ca [VIDEO]

Motorcyclist Kyle Katsandris, a daredevil in the making has uploaded a video which shows him preparing a dirt path leading to the top of a hill along a freeway in preparation to make a jump high above a freeway in California.


An artful shot shows Katsandris ascend a hill with greenery on the right and barren mountains on the left.

He later arrives at the jump-off point and is seen gaining tens of feet over the cars below.

The video, which has more than 70,000 views on the social media platform, is captioned: ‘The key board warriors were out in full force. Where are you now #nolimits.’

Katsandris is wanted by the police for questioning.  The stunt he pulled is very dangerous and had he not been able to make the jump, he could very well have killed people.


Like a scene out of 'Fury Road': Motorcyclist Kyle Katsandris jumped the 60 Freeway in Moreno Valley, California, gliding from one hillside to another

Some travelers wondered what would have happened in the event of an accident.

A woman told CBS News: ‘Becoming a threat to other people as well. Not only to himself. It’s not only about his injuries, it’s about other people.’

A friend of Katsandris’s said the motorbike enthusiast frequently pulls such stunts.

But it remains to be seen whether California Highway Patrol and the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department – both of which are investigating the incident – will be impressed. 

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