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NAACP Leader spits nails at idea of Congressional White Caucus: Reverse Racism?



Black History Month can be quite a historic time of enlightenment, especially when NAACP head Cornell William Brooks has to deal with reverse discrimination as a topic. Recently, the President and CEO of the NAACP had to deal with hypothetical Congressional White Caucus (CWC), when former Reagan adviser Jeffrey Lord debated him on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360, according to the Daily Caller. See how the national civil rights leader was left literally sputtering.

Reverse racism is never a comfortable topic for civil rights leaders and the idea that a congressional entity could be created in congress that focused on infractions against Whites suddenly became outrageous. The debate became heated when the topic of President Trump’s asked a black reporter at his news conference if she knew leadership of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC).

Although the question was innocent and quite innocuous, there has been liberal pundit backlash against the president for even asking the question.  Somehow, Lord’s defense of the CBC quickly became a battleground because he supported its original formation as a god thing then stated, “I changed my mind on this. I don’t think there should be any caucuses in the House of Representatives that are divided by race. I mean, heaven forbid, if David Duke got elected and wanted to form a Congressional White Caucus, that would be appalling.”

The NAACP leader was aghast at the comparison to a possible CWC where the KKK would be represented to the CBC’s original and current purpose.  Brooks demanded an apology from Lord and stated, “Frankly, sir, you should apologize for even putting the Klan and the Congressional Black Caucus in the same sentence.”

The only problem with Brooks’ demand is that he was being disingenuous in his current portrayal of the CDC and how it has coupled itself to supporting Black Lives Matter’s racist demagoguery, the fictitious “Hands up don’t Shoot” anti-police movement, and the equally segregationist New Black Panther Party rhetoric.

So, if reverse racism is the race card that the NAACP leader and his civil rights cohorts want to continue to play, Black History Month and the CBC has lost all relevancy and meaning.

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