• May 25, 2022

Not the RUSSIANS Again!

If I hear one more story about the Russians, well, I’ll scream. The big news about Donald Trump’s victory is not what’s going on in Trump Tower and the people going up and down the elevator, it’s the Democrats trying to find a place to put blame for their loss.

“PizzaGate” was one story that highlighted “Fake News” was reported by CBS affiliate WUSA. The story claimed that Bill and Hillary Clinton along with John Podesta, ran a sex slave ring from the basement of a pizza shop on Connecticut Avenue in Washington DC.russians

Okay, it does seem a bit strange but then knowing some of the stories about the Clintons and “Orgy Island” made it very believable. Then, it was reported that a 28 year old man walked into the business after the election and fired a rifle to “save the kids.”

Jim Comey’s two letters to Congress reopening and later re-closing the little Hillary email problem is probably bothering Hillary. But then, you do have people upset that she was so careless with state secrets.

The best one is that a Russian computer hack delivered the victory to Trump. C’est un fait a complete (to those who don’t read French, ‘it’s a done deal’). The Russians must be to blame.

The CIA has no authority to investigate domestic matters nor do they talk to anyone about anything at any time unless someone who is very important persuades them to so for political reason. C’est pas bon (for those who do not read French, ‘that’s not good’).

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Preiebus has been questioned and in fact, been pressed to admit that the Russians affected the election in an interview with Meet the Press. Priebus made it clear that an FBI forensic analysis of the RNC computer systems concluded that the RNC was not hacked. Chuck Todd the interviewer was not satisfied and was sticking to his story. Mon Dieu (for those who do not read French, ‘my God’).russians-4

Now, retiring Senator Harry Reid has it in his head that the Russian hacking is as big as Watergate. He is demanding that a commission be appointed to investigate and is demanding that the presidential electors be briefed. I guess he’ll be asking that I be checked out for using the word Russian. Quel dommage (for those who do not read French, ‘what a shame’)!

The result of John Podesta’s email being hacked was the fact that he complied with a phishing expedition and voluntarily changed his password upon request. I don’t believe the Russians were to blame for this either. Quelle surprise (for those who do not read French, ‘what a surprise’)!

At the risk of offending a foreign government, I believe that several countries would love to influence American elections.

This brings to mind that our government tries to influence other county’s elections. Obama’s last campaign manager advised the British Conservative Party in 2013, Prime Minister David Cameron in 2015 and of course, Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi’s failing referendum this year and paid 400,00 Euros for his unsuccessful efforts.

Now, the coup de grâce (for those who do not read French, ‘the final blow’), is the “OneVoice Movement,” in March 2015, launching a multi-million dollar grassroots campaign in Israel to defeat Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu.

Jeremy Bird helped OneVoice and they received more than $300,000 in grants from the U.S State Department.

Well, that was a waste because Netanyahu won the election.

With a coup de main (for those who do not read French, ‘with a helping hand’), the Obama administration tried to put the Department of Homeland Security in an official role to supposedly ensure integrity. Georgia had already arranged cyber security.

The DHS still contributed. An IP address associated with DHS tried to hack into Georgia’s Secretary of state’s computer which held 6.5 million voter records of Georgians. An explanation has been demanded by Secretary of State Brian Kemp.

I do wonder if Hillary Clinton’s campaign may have had something to do with the results of the 2016 election.

russians-2Oh, by the way, the reason I used so many French words or a cliché in places is that I was hacked by the Russians. Makes sense, right?


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