• July 13, 2024

Obama to ISIS: “We will be vigilant and we will be relentless.” Empty words and ISIS knows it.

“We are going to bomb you to hell, and follow up with a ground campaign that completely exterminates you cockroaches.” Try that. They understand words like that!

ISIS Beheading Solution – Bomb Them Into the Stone Age!

By Kevin Fobbs, Clash Daily

The beheading of American journalist James Foley is not only a horrific repugnant act of savages but it represents a clear and present danger that even President Obama and all of his tepid retreat from presidential actions cannot ignore. For anyone that saw the very graphic ISIS video of the murder of the kidnapped journalist, it had to send absolute chills up the spine. ISIS has made it abundantly clear that this is not the end but the beginning and the United States and all of its citizens are in its barbaric crosshairs.

The question is not if the United States will respond to this escalating terrorism, but what exactly will move Obama to do what British Prime Minister David Cameron did and cut his vacation short to address this terrorist action. Instead Obama offered a few words to show his disdain and then headed back to the golf links. Americans from every political stripe and from every corner of the nation does not need a golfer-in-chief but a commander-in-chief that will be willing and able to absolutely level these beheading, murdering maniacs until not a single breath remains.

This action taken by ISIS has been a long time in coming because their kidnappings of Americans and others did not just begin in the last few months. They have been ongoing and unlike Obama, they are determined to win. In fact they kidnapped Foley from the Turkish Syrian border nearly two years ago during the Thanksgiving holiday in 2012.
At that same time, Obama was riding around Washington giving fist pumps and crowing about his recent re-election defeat of Republican nominee Mitt Romney. He was putting his rubber stamp on his now repudiated campaign phrase, “Bin Laden is dead and Al Qaeda is on the run!

Well, Al Qaeda may have been on the run, but it certainly was not out of fear. As a matter of fact, Al Qaeda ran into North Africa, Syria, Iraq and a host of other areas that dot the globe. Obama was in denial and he was able to persuade mainstream media pundits to follow his lead into a Twilight Zone of fantasy that is now coming back to haunt Americans here and abroad.

Obama spoke to the nation from his relaxing vacation site of Martha’s Vineyard on Wednesday and, in a nearly non-committed, scripted tone, insisted that ISIS has, “no place in the 21st century,” reported Fox News. The problem is that, he waited nearly 24 hours to even say anything, while his U.S. intelligence analysts were confirming the authenticity the video.

Even if he were waiting for this to occur, his absence in doing anything to respond is alarming and his silence off of the golf links on the matter when it counts is deafening. While many of America’s military analysts and U.S. lawmakers are saying that this action by ISIS is a game changer, the president is still hesitant. To be honest what will it take to make him understand that it is imperative that ISIS and its offshoots be dismantled and eradicated from the face of the earth?

Instead, this is the response that the president offers the American people and is also meant to put fear in the heartless minds of the ISIS leaders. He asked for a “common effort” across the Middle East to “extract this cancer so it does not spread.” Is this the call to arms that strikes fear in the heart of anyone?

Obama went on to stress, “The United States of America will continue to do what we must do to protect our people. We will be vigilant and we will be relentless.” What does this mean, “We will be relentless?” Let’s be real, ISIS knows that this phrase has about as much meaning and as much impact as his now discredited “Red Line” warning to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. His red line actually ended up being a yellow line right up his back.

No, and no again! The United States of America should not be a timid mouse acting afraid of its own shadow or apologetic for the strength of American determination and resolve. A president must not only demonstrate resolve but use the “Big Stick” which President Teddy Roosevelt used.

The recipe for retaliation is not to simply push murderous barbarians back across some imaginary “red line.” The goal is simple: total and complete annihilation and it must be certain, swift and complete. They must be bombed back into the Stone Age and if necessary turn the area they inhabit into a sheet of desert glass.

That is what real retaliation and retribution means and it is the only result that fanatical terrorists understand. Peace through strength is not just a phrase it is a solution, and for ISIS it should be the one and only Final Solution!

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