Obama Receives A Wake-Up Call From Former Delta Force Operator

(IJ Review) On Wednesday, President Obama sent a resolution requesting military force against ISIS to Congress.

For the first time since the United States engaged in airstrikes in Syria and Iraq, the resolution calls for “limited ground combat operations” to help decimate ISIS’s caliphate. However, those operations are reportedly limited to rescue missions and targeting ISIS’s leadership.

IJReview talked with former Delta Force Operator Dale Comstock, who served in every campaign from Grenada to present-day conflicts, about Obama’s new ISIS strategy.

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Here’s what the special operations veteran and author of American Badass had to say:

“A year ago if you looked at Obama’s view on the whole ISIS thing, he downplayed their effectiveness. He compared them to a ‘JV team’ when he was asked about their threat level compared to Al-Qaeda. It took a while, but he eventually launched airstrikes. Now he is authorizing a limited ground campaign with special operations groups.

I understand that ground troops help battle field dynamics change. But we knew a year ago that these guys were a serious threat and coming at everything like a freight train. Obama hasn’t been cold and calculating about the matter, he’s been purely negligent.”


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