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Officer Has Hilarious Message For Driver’s [VIDEO]

Sergeant John Perrine has a hilarious message for driver’s all over the country, and he made a video to get his point across. The Indiana State Police officer chose to broadcast his message to the people of Facebook, and it’s a great message!


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Police Trooper Is Sick Of Reckless Drivers, So He Records Hysterical Video About Turn Signals

Sergeant John Perrine, a police trooper and a member of the Indiana State Police, decided to film a message for his viewers on Facebook. This video would serve as a public service announcement of sorts, where he wanted to discuss an “often forgotten, incredible safety feature that is standard on all vehicles.”

What resulted was a very tongue-in-cheek video, one bound to make you laugh, but also one that is very honest and true in it’s simplicity.

Sergeant Perrine filmed himself in the video below and discussed matters regarding vehicle safety, stating “The auto industry has made incredible advancements in technology and safety in vehicles, but what if I told you there’s a feature on every car that’s standard that not only will help prevent crashes, but will also help prevent road rage a little bit?”

Does he have your attention? That was exactly his goal — just with a little sarcasm thrown in for good measure!

The sergeant then led the viewers over to his car.

Where he showed the “amazing feature,” which is none other than a regular old turn signal!

He then demonstrated exactly how this “incredible” stick works, admitting that “it may require you put down your coffee or your cell phone or whatever you have in your hands so you can safely drive.”

And even though he’s obviously being humorous in this video, he’s not wrong in the essential message he was trying to convey: turn signals are one of the simplest, most important safety features, that should be used by everyone!

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