• May 27, 2024

Princeton University Now Gender Neutral And The World Is A Better Place

How is it that with all the Gifted Educators at Princeton University that have sacrificed so much to teach the next generation, they always come up with the least impactful solutions to solve the ills of the world? I have been watching for the past 25 years the advent of political correctness in the main stream, and in many ways it parallels the arrival of the Clintons on the big stage. It has accomplished nothing except, to make  everything that was right, wrong.

According to Fox News:

The word “actress” should be replaced by “actor.”
A “cameraman” must now be called a “camera operator.”
There will be no more references to a “cleaning lady,” but instead an “office cleaner.”
New students are no longer “freshmen” but rather “first-year students.”
A “mailman” no longer delivers letters or packages, because that’s the work now of a “mail carrier,” “letter carrier” or “postal worker.”
Nothing is to ever be done for the betterment of “mankind” but instead for “humanity,” “human kind” or simply “people.”
A “waiter” or “waitress” will no longer dish out grub, as that’s now the work of a “server.”
An “average man” is now an “average person” or “ ordinary person”.

To me, this is just rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. There is nothing this will accomplish but confuse the “gender neutral” student even more than they can handle now. Notice how all these deep thoughts have made people more polarized and distant from each other. And these people have to remember, if you take man out of the equation, sooner than later there will be no women. What do you think?

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