• June 20, 2024

Sharia Courts Order Women Into Divorce, Sex, And Abuse!

Sharia Law is an believably abusive system and it so, especially for women. There is no peace, compassion or justice under this system. Read how the Sharia system addresses the crimes against women and ask yourself, “Do you want this here?”

Breitbart:In her report on the growing number of Sharia courts in the UK, Dutch academic Machteld Zee, says judges are enforcing harsh rules on women who want to divorce abusive and neglectful husbands, and accuses them of allowing fundamentalists to enforce their ideology.

Breitbart London wrote about her initial findings earlier this month, but the now new details have emerged of the controversial decisions these courts force on women.

In one case, a couple who are concerned their marriage may be invalid are told by judge Furqan Mahmood:

“It is going to be a difficult case. We are going to ask our scholars to give you the answers.”

The couple, who have several children, are worried because the wife divorced her previous husband in a secular court but not an Islamic one. According to the Daily Mail they are offered the the following advice:

“She will need to have sex first [with a third man], divorce him, [and] wait three menstrual periods. Then she can return to the father of her children.”

When the couple leave, horrified, one witness asks the judge if there will be “consequences” if they do not follow the ruling. The judge jokes:

“What? Do you think we are going to stone them to death, or something?”

In another case, a woman described how her husband abuses her:

“He oppressed me to the maximum. He is violent, physically, and treats me like a dog.”

However, the judge simply laughs at her predicament, chuckling:

“Why did you marry such a person?”

Then, in a third instance, a woman tells a cleric of a similar abusive marriage:

“There was a lot of fighting. He threw stuff at me. He put me in debt.”

The husband has now moved to Bangladesh and taken a second wife, so she wants a divorce. The judge, however, does not grant her one.

Instead, he decides to “tell her about the ‘scientific biologic reasons for polygamy’,” a witness says.

Commenting on her findings, Ms Zee says:

“In a toxic mix of religious fundamentalism, culture and tight-knit communities, Sharia councils uphold the theory and practice of the stronghold men have over women.”

The Islamic Sharia Council is disputing her findings and says it will file a formal complaint with the University of Leiden, where Ms Zee works. However, Ms Zee stands by her findings:

“Sharia councils exist so that Islamic fundamentalists can promote their ideology whilst at the same time making money by letting women buy their freedom.”

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