• October 1, 2023

Religion Of Peace Killing Babies With Down Syndrome

If people still don’t get it, here’s another example of what the so called religion of peace is dealing out as part of it’s doctrine. Hard to believe that the American culture would ever accept this kind of brutality.

ISIS militants have reportedly authorized the terror group’s members to kill newborn babies with Down syndrome, as well as other disabled children, Iraqi activists claimed on Sunday.

According to the group known as Mosul Eye, 38 babies have already been killed since the religious decree was issued.

The information and video have not been confirmed. Abu Said Aljazrawi, a Saudi judge on the Shar’i board of ISIS, issued the so-called “Oral Fatwa,” those activists report, saying babies as young as one week old have been killed as a result.

The babies were suffocated or given lethal injections, according to Mosul Eye.


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