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Shepard Smith Almost Unhinged: Rabid Attack On Donald Trump

Why is the Main-Stream-Media so rabidly defending the Peaceful Muslim vernacular and the so desperate to get rid of Trump and his plain speak that resonates with the American people so well? You would think that at least FOX News would temper their disdain, a bit, but not Shepard Smith.

Constitution Rising: She-pard Smith, the liberal closet-dwelling commentator and Teleprompter reader at Fox News has forgotten who and what he is and appears to be in urgent need of a reminder. Perhaps the New York Lib could use a bit of the same treatment that Fox doled out to more patriotic members of their staff who, unlike Smith haven’t shown themselves to be too big for their pedal-pushers; Ralph Peters and Stacey Dash.

They each received a two week suspension for on-air comments that, while containing more offensive words, were much less injurious to the ears, not Marxist-agenda motivated, and much more truthful. Peters was asked for his reaction to Hussein Obama’s Sunday night equivalent of the Seinfeld Show, a speech about nothing. He described his reaction to what he was witnessing by including the statement, “I mean, this guy is such a total p*ssy, it’s stunning,” which was undoubtedly truthful, accurate and inappropriate.

Ms Dash made a similar error in judgment on the same day and regarding the same topic, stating her response to the pretend ‘president’ feigning outrage over ISIS in too colorful of commentary, which included the statement, “I felt like he could give a sh*t– excuse me, like he could care less.”

They were speaking against the policies of the victimization of Americans by the Obama regime and its failure to protect us. They were addressing the assaults by proxy which Obama still refuses to acknowledge, and the mistakes he pledges to keep making, be they due to ineptitude or malevolence.

Sweet little She-pard made some on-air comments as well but they were quite different in nature from those of his suspended coworkers. Smith invited Wall Street Journal Associate Editor John Bussey on the set to assist in a little tag team liberal/establishment Trump-bashing. Trump’s gone too far in criticizing the globalist Islamification of America program. Smith and his comrade will now make the candidate pay for having the nerve to speak out against the Islamic threat and stand up for America and the safety of the American people.

Smith leads off by saying, “Of course this is what Trump wants, he wants us to talk about him no matter what he’s saying,” to which his teammate chimes in, “Exactly right.” Bussey then goes on to label Trump’s plan as unlawful, which it isn’t; similar actions having been taken in the past by our government. He says it is unconstitutional, which it is not; that it is fear-mongering and racist. He also dredges up the disabled reporter mocking allegations and the 9/11 Muslim celebrations accounts which are substantiated by press reports from a time when the mainstream media actually engaged in such things as reporting the news.

The duo continued, attaching the bigot label to not only the candidate himself but his supporters. They also assigned purely political motivations to the Trump position, apparently believing that conservative Americans are idiots, as easily manipulated as the newspaper’s readership.

Smith makes it a point to emphatically state during the Bussey rant that Trump is crazy, reaffirming all of Bussey’s points to include the fear-mongering, racist and anti-religious attacks. He also called him a liar over those documented reports of the Muslims cheering the 9/11 attacks.

Smith calls Trump a carnival huckster dragging those who need to be led by somebody down the wormhole. He says that “Someone needs to come up and remind them what this nation is and what we’re about and how we dream and the way we were founded. All points which are totally irrelevant to those fourteen who were murdered in San Bernardino and their 21 more fortunate fellow survivors.

Smith accuses Trump of representing the “worst, darkest part of all that is America,” as he seems to cheerlead for the position that the establishment GOP needs him to just go away.

That’s probably a true representation of what the establishment Republicans would like, those people who purchase politicians and media types like the two media harlots plying their trade.

They do the American people a service by putting us on notice, that Fox management, the Wall Street Journal, Murdoch and Ailes are coming after the American people. We don’t have a right to govern ourselves any more nor do we have a right to be safe from terror if it involves taking preventative measures against the class which includes the perpetrators.

We’re not so enamored with the idea of surrendering to terrorists as the New York elites seem to be but then again it’ not them that is being sacrificed and surrendered. Fox and the WSJ have armed guards, a luxury that the victims Obama is working to create don’t share.

Fox has exposed their liberal slant beyond a doubt, a suspicion that many of us have held for a long time. They’re not conservative; they serve the money-class that controls what we are told. We’ll take Trump’s honesty over their hypocrisy any day.

Smith needs some re-education time, a couple of weeks on the street; just for his stupidity. You can’t fix stupid, but you might be able to muzzle it. Click here for the video!

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