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Sheriff David Clarke Signs On To Help ICE Capture ‘Criminal Illegal Aliens’

Sheriff David Clarke has long been one of President Donald Trump’s closest allies in the country.

Now, he’s looking to work with the new administration to help federal agents identify “criminal illegal aliens.”

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke has signed a letter of intent to take part in the federal government’s 287(g) Task Force/Jail Enforcement program. It trains local law enforcement and then gives it authority to enforce immigration violations.

According to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, it currently partners with 37 law enforcement agencies in 16 states.

In response to Clarke’s announcement, the immigrant rights group Voces de la Frontera released a statement promising “massive resistance” to the sheriff’s action, which Voces claims could result in racial profiling, interrogations and deportations.

Here’s Sheriff Clarke tweeting his announcement:

And his support for Trump:

Sheriff Clarke wants to enforce the law.

Of course the open borders lobby will be furious! And that speaks volumes as to how far the left has come. Only twenty years ago Democrat politicians cited the need to enforce immigration laws and tackle the border problem. That was until they realized they could champion criminal aliens and treat them like Unregistered Democrats in the hopes that one day a general amnesty would make them full fledged Democrat voters.

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