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Austin Teacher gets Probation Only for Banging Two Students

Haeli Wey, taught math at Westlake High School in an affluent suburb of Austin before she was arrested for having sex with two 17 year old students.  The high school principal is offering counseling for students.  (I assume the counseling is for the students who aren’t getting any)

Wey, who was 27 at the time, was sentenced this week after pleading guilty to two counts of having improper relationships with the students, reports Austin NBC affiliate KXAN-TV.

Wey met one of the students over the summer through a student ministry program. At first, he didn’t realize she was a teacher at his high school.

When investigators with the Travis County Sheriff’s Office asked the teen if he had expected to have sex with Wey, he laconically and confidently answered “yeah,” according to a police affidavit.


The student told police that he and Wey had sex 10 times or thereabouts in August and September.  Their affair ended when the first young man found out she had a date with another 17 year old.  The second young man said he met Wey at a church function.  Wey sent both boys nude pictures of herself.

From The Daily Caller:

Wey had met the second teen at a summer camp. They kissed each other, fondled each other and had other, unspecified sexual contact inside Wey’s home, Wey’s arrest affidavit said, according to the Austin American-Statesman.

The second student told investigators that his family and Wey’s family are close friends. He said he initially encountered Wey at a ministry event in June.

The teacher allegedly used Instagram to warn the second 17-year-old student to delete messages between the star-crossed pair. She wrote “don’t let anyone get a hold of ur phone,” according to the Travis County Sheriff.

An unidentified teenager discovered the messages between Wey and the second teenager — the one who went on the hike — and informed authorities.

School district superintendent Tom Leonard described the allegations of sex — and lewd photo correspondence — between the 17-year-old male students and the 27-year-old math teacher as “shocking and upsetting.”


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