• October 4, 2023

The Day After Obama Addresses The Nation On Terror, Trump, Once Again, Sets The Record Straight

At the risk of stating the obvious, Trump blasts Obama for his pitifully weak stance on everything terror. And we all know, as Trump also ejects, terrorism isn’t going to resolve itself with Obama in the white house. But we love hearing it anyway, from The Donald.

Donald Trump slammed President Barack Obama for not using the term “Islamic terrorism” to describe the Nov. 13 terrorist attacks in Paris and the mass shooting in San Bernardino, California, on Dec. 2. The Republican presidential candidate added that the problem wouldn’t be solved until Obama “gets the hell out” of office.

“Until he admits that this is a problem, we’re never gonna solve the problem,” Trump said on Dec. 6 edition of “Face the Nation” show on CBS. “But he’s only gonna be there, fortunately, a little bit more than a year. Because the problem will get solved when he gets the hell out.”

Trump also voiced his support of the practice of profiling and tracking Muslims as a way to stop terrorism — a position for which he recently garnered intense criticism.

“I think there can be profiling,” he said. “If they thought there was something wrong with that group and they saw what was happening, and they didn’t want to call the police because they didn’t want to be profiling, I think that’s pretty bad. People are dead. A lot of people are dead right now. So everybody wants to be politically correct, and that’s part of the problem that we have with our country.”

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Trump doubled down on his criticism of Obama on Twitter following the president’s address to the nation on Dec. 6.

“Well, Obama refused to say (he just can’t say it), that we are at WAR with RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISTS,” he added in another tweet.

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