• June 19, 2024

The New Thing That California Crooks Are Stealing Proves Biden Needs To Be Out On His…

Hello and welcome to Joe Biden’s America!

Residents of Oakland and Alameda in California’s Bay Area have reported an alarming increase in crime, including robberies and thefts. These illicit acts, however, have a unique twist: pirates sneak up on boats and yachts in the harbor.

Residents of the Bay Area have been astonished and concerned as piracy on the water has increased. These pirates use small watercraft to sneak up on unsecured boats and yachts at night, then break in and steal valuable stuff with bolt cutters and other tools. The things stolen range from tools and outboard motors to complete boats.

Boat owners report thefts on a weekly basis, indicating that the frequency of these events has reached frightening proportions. The thieves frequently strike at night, adding to boat owners’ terror and vulnerability.

“It’s every week. Every week somebody’s missing something,” Marina resident Emmanuel Ievolella told CBS. “From their boats or either their dinghies or their outboard motors or from their cars.”

Boat owners have reported witnessing high-speed chases on the water between thieves and police boats.

“A couple of weeks ago, I saw, for the first time, a high-speed chase on the water with police boats pulling over another boat that was speeding away,” said an eyewitness.

“And you wonder, where did they get these boats?  Small boats are expensive.  So, I wonder where they’re getting them. I don’t know,” said another resident. “Maybe they’re taking what little money they have to buy them, but it’s, you know, I know a lot of friends who have had their small boats disappear and their outboard motors.”

Damon Taylor, who keeps a sailboat near the Jack London Aquatic Center, has observed that outboard motors are currently the most sought-after item.

“Yeah, the motors are the thing,” Taylor told the news outlet. “You’ve got to figure a brand new, small 10-horsepower engine is $10,-15,000.  So, even in the black market, they can probably get a couple thousand.”

Some feel that the increase in pirate attacks is related to the area’s expanding homeless population.

According to DailyMail.com, thanks to Democrats, Oakland and San Francisco have become hotspots for homelessness, with a rise of more than 50% since 2015.

Homeless people living in temporary camps near the estuary may have been engaged in the robberies. They are suspected of using stolen boats or targeting boats to feed their drug habit. The cheap availability of drugs and the lack of law enforcement in these encampments have produced a climate conducive to criminal activity.

According to NBC, the Oakland Police Department now employs two full-time officers assigned to marine patrol. However, the demands on the police force are enormous, leaving only a limited number of resources to deal with the rise in pirate attacks.

The agency recognizes the need for more patrols and is collaborating with the Alameda Police Agency to combat the increase in crime. Although nighttime patrols along the waterfront have begun, boat owners and citizens are pressing authorities to dedicate more resources to address the piracy menace.

“They can’t handle the land, financially and resource-wise,” Damon Taylor said.  “They can’t do anything. There’s no Oakland Navy.”

Let’s see how it’s going over in California now.

  • Pirates stealing boats in the San Fran Bay
  • Rampant Homelessness
  • Heavy Drug Usage and Needles everywhere
  • Grand Larceny on a massive retail scale
  • COVID Masks and Mandates
  • Companies leaving
  • Illegal immigrants everywhere
  • The highest tax rate in the nation
  • no-go zones

Democrats built this.


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