• August 11, 2022

This Toddler Explains To His Pregnant Mom Why She Shouldn’t Have Another Baby – HILARIOUS [VIDEO]

Meet Tray.

His mother just told him she’s pregnant with another baby. Should be a joyous occasion and celebration, right? Tray thinks differently.

His mom recorded him going on a two-minute rant explaining why it’s just not the best time for her to have another kid right now. In fact, he calls it “exasperating.”

He doesn’t understand why his mother would want to have another baby, after she “just had two!” Plus, he’s not ready to deal with all the crying that comes with a baby, especially if it’s a boy! “Boys crying is even worse. Buy me some ear plugs, too!”

It is hilarious that he sounds like an adult talking to a child. For a toddler to use the word exasperating correctly is the sign of good parenting.

H/T Jack on the Web

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