• October 1, 2023

Trump Jr. Catches Obama Plagiarizing Him, And Issues An EPIC Smackdown

There are two sides to every story, and nothing is louder than the sound of silence coming from the media in regards to the  President referencing Trump Jr.’s speech a week after given.

According to Conservative Tribune:


Last week, during the Republican National Convention, plagiarism couldn’t have been more in the news. It seems that after Melania Trump’s speech, plagiarism became an onerous black mark on your record that would impeach all those around you (unless, of course, your name was Joe Biden).

However, when President Barack Obama liberally stole from Donald Trump Jr.’s Republican National Convention speech during his endorsement of Hillary Clinton this week, very little media attention was to be found.

It was based on Trump Jr.’s statement that, “That’s not the America that I know.” It was used frequently, in the same way, by the president during his speech at the Democrat National Convention.

However, Trump had a much different response to the plagiarism than liberals had to Melania’s alleged plagiarism: He responded with grace and a touch of irony.

The hypocrisy was on full display last week, and I wonder how many drew the comparisons of the two debates.

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