• May 27, 2024

[Video] Black Bernie Supporter “Democrats Cause Minority ‘Suffering”


Appearing on “CNN Newsroom” with Carol Costello, Gary Frazier, East Coast Coordinator of Black Men for Bernie Sanders refused to follow the democratic line that it’s racist republicans who cause the suffering of the black community in America.  The panel included Frazier, Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson and democratic operative Hillary Rosen.  Rosen’s name may be familiar to you.  She’s the one who said Ann Romney had never worked a day in her life because she stayed home and raised her children.

Pierson said:

“It’s been exposed to the country that it’s the DNC that participates in racial divide and gender divide. And we are seeing this play out on a national stage where someone like Donald Trump, who as his daughter said best, is color blind and gender neutral, just wants to keep America safe.”

Costello asked Frazier:

“I see Gary here, you’re shaking your head. Are you in agreement with Katrina?”

Frazier replied:

“Absolutely.  Again, it goes back to the minority communities that folks continue to overlook. That’s the thing. These minority communities are suffering and blighted communities are suffering at the hands of established Democrats.”

“These aren’t the Republicans that are doing this to us, these are established Democrats that are doing this to us,” Frazier insisted. “So until we start to have a real conversation about what we’re going to do with those in the minority communities, how can we ever get behind such corruption?”

“And I want to say this as well, too, you know, we cannot continuing uttering Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy. You know, those people stood for integrity and morals. And this is what they died for… They died for our rights.”

Let me interject something here.  One of the biggest problems in the black community is that there are no jobs for them because the democrats insist on bringing millions of illegals into the workforce.  Not only do they need to compete but because illegals aren’t eligible for Obamacare, employers save three thousand a year for every illegal they hire.

From The Daily Caller:

Costello then asked, “Did you embrace Michelle Obama’s speech?” (RELATED: Michelle Obama Takes A Shot At ‘Make America Great Again’)

“Absolutely not,” Frazier replied. “And I’ll tell you exactly why. Now my hats off to Michelle Obama. They’ve done some great things as president and the first lady. But I think when you try to play the race card in the black community, ’cause first you guys sent us Oprah.”
Interrupting Frazier, Costello said, “You thought Michelle Obama was playing the race card?”

“No, I think the establishment is playing the race card. First you try to send us Oprah. You sent Obama. Obama didn’t work. Then you try to send us Oprah. Oprah didn’t work,” Frazier insisted.

Fellow panelist, CNN political commentator and Hillary Clinton supporter Hilary Rosen interrupted saying, “Okay. Stop. Okay. Stop. No. They are their own people. They are not anybody’s tools.”

“But they’re being used as tools,” Frazier replied.

“No, they’re not,” Rosen replied.

“But they’re being used as tools,” Frazier insisted.

“That is disrespectful to the first lady and it is disrespectful to the president to suggest that,” Rosen said, scolding Frazier.

“No, that is disrespectful to us in the minority community,” Frazier replied.

Rosen then said, “Here’s the real issue which is this really isn’t about politics, it’s about policy. The point that I think you’re right about is that there are still people hurting. And I see this, the Sanders movement ends up being kind of the Democrats ‘Tea Party.’”

Notice how Rosen is trying to marginalize the black Bernie supporter by suggesting he is the democratic version of the Tea Party.  That’s exactly what Frazier was saying about the immoral democratic party.






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