• December 10, 2023

Watch This Woman’s Close Encounter With a Hungry Bear [VIDEO]

Diana Chase, owner of the Pine Mountain Inn, opened her garage to find a bear knee-deep in a huge bag of dog kibble.

A hungry bear with an appetite for dog food tried to steal a meal from a California bed and breakfast.

“What are you doing?” Chase can be heard asking the bear.

“Oh, look at the mess you’ve made,” she says while surveying the dog food all over the garage floor, “isn’t that special?”

Moments later, the bear retreats with the dog food and tries to make a getaway. Chase follows, ordering the bear to drop the food. Eventually, the bear does exit the garage without the food, and Chase is able to close the garage door, but not before the two come within just a few feet of each other.

The bear continues to loiter outside Chase’s garage door and appears as though it is considering returning for the food, but is apprehensive due to Chase’s spray bottle.

While Chase did the right thing trying to scare away the bear, she should not have used soft tones when talking to the bear, and she did put herself in danger multiple times. Yes, bears are cute, but they can also eat your face.

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