• November 28, 2022

[WATCH] Train Wreck Bam Magera To Star In New VH1 Series “Family Therapy With Dr. Jenn.”

Bam Magera became a household name in the early 2000’s when “Jackass” the MTV hit show took off. After the run of Jackass, Bam had a spinoff called “Viva La Bam. ” Millions would watch Bam and his crazy antics involving his family, but as some things happen in tinsle town, the star took a devastating turn. After years of alcohol and drug abuse, the 35 yr old star is almost unrecognizable.


      Pictured above is Bam Magera during is height of fame.


According to TMZ, the former pro-skater announced his ongoing battle for sobriety after a downward spiral, punctuated by bizarre public behavior.

Some have speculated that Margera’s worsening alcohol abuse was spurred by the death of fellow “Jackass” star Ryan Dunn, who sadly died in a drunk driving accident in 2011.


  Bam Magera present day

Margera is currently starring on VH1’s new show “Family Therapy” with his mom April Margera. His ongoing fight for sobriety has been a focal point.

The resident therapist on the show, Dr. Jenn Mann, gave Margera the haunting warning: if he didn’t stop drinking, he would die.

Bam you can pull through! This is coming from a 90’s girl and a huge fan!






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