• June 13, 2024

With Comfortable Lead, Kamp Klinton Begins Laying Out Presidential Agenda

As the gap between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump widens, Kamp Klinton is growing increasingly confident of a win in November. If you’re wondering just how bad a Clinton presidency might be and which of your constitutional rights could be in jeopardy under a Hillary presidency, wonder no more.

Clinton’s possible presidential agenda includes a 50/50 gender split for her cabinet, massive increases in infrastructure spending, raising taxes, and tackling immigration reform. She’s also reportedly taking aim at ending legal immunity for gun manufacturers. (Translation: Shutting down the industry through the back door.)

The Washington Post reports that a Clinton cabinet will be packed with women “in roughly equal numbers to men and that otherwise reflects American diversity.” Lobbying has already “intensified” for those and “scores of other jobs” in a new administration. Via the Post:

While careful not to sound as if she is measuring the draperies quite yet, Clinton now describes what she calls improved odds for passage of an overhaul of immigration laws — the first legislative priority she outlined in detail last year — and what could be a bipartisan effort to rebuild the nation’s roads, bridges, airports, rail system and ports.

She also could be immediately confronted with a choice about a Supreme Court vacancy that could set the tone for her relationship with Congress, and she plans to immediately champion new measures on campaign-finance reform and ending legal immunity for gun manufacturers.

In other words, Barack Obama, Round Three. But wait. It gets better. Continues the Post:

Her campaign’s to-do list includes assembling a Cabinet that has women in roughly equal numbers to men and that otherwise reflects American diversity, and lobbying has intensified for those and scores of other jobs that Clinton would fill in her administration.

No word yet on how many evangelicals or members of the biblical faith community Kamp Klinton is courting to round out her personnel files. But according to the Post, out of some 4,000 political jobs to fill, more than 1,000 require Senate confirmation, and vetting. Security clearances and ethics checks can take months.

According to the Post, Jim Manley, a Democratic consultant who was a senior aide to Sen. Harry M. Reid (Nev.), said he’s skeptical about Clinton’s chances of getting some of her more liberal proposal through Congress. Like taxing breathing. Or another Democrat favorite: hiking taxes on millionaires. Because we all know that the one sure-fire, never-fail way to stoke the economy and “create jobs” is to puni$h success and tax the snot out of job creators, right? Not to worry. Hillary’s millionaire tax is “ground zero” in paying for yet another Democrat “help the middle class” proposal that includes a humungous jobs-and-infrastructure package.

When Clinton will figure out that it’s the private sector, not government, that creates jobs is unknown, Komrade. When she’ll get around to releasing details on her foreign donors or just how far she compromised national security with her private email set-up also remains unclear.

But, hey! What difference does it make?

H/T: Newsmax

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