• June 17, 2024

Dad’s Ingenious Way Of Pulling His Son’s Tooth

Many a time my Grandfather and Father devised ways to extract a tooth from my mouth, slamming a door with a string, a quick feel and twist and pull, bite an apple. I have even heard of bow and arrows,tree branches, but this has reached a new level. See video in link below.

According to Auto Blog:

A dad sat in the driver’s seat and shouted over the rumble of his C6 Corvette Z06 to his son, reminding him to keep his mouth open. The video shows a string tied to the boy’s mouth and attached to the front of the car. You can probably tell where this is going.

Here is the feel good story of the day. It might not seem like much, but a Father  taking time to bond with His Son over a tooth being pulled will be a smile the young boy will never forget. Good for them, I only wish a simple gesture like this would happen in all households where Dad’s and son’s dwell. What do you think of this Dad?


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