• December 11, 2023

Five Ways To Fortify Your Home In Case Of Riots

Would your house be properly protected if a SHTF scenario were to happen tomorrow?

No, we don’t mean do you know how to use all of your weapons, although that is important. What we’re talking about is the level of protection that exists between the inside of your house and the potential intruder who is on the outside.

Here are five simple ways to protect your home, yourself and your family:

1. Make it Difficult to Climb over Your Fence

Depending on where you live, you may or may not be able to get away with proactively putting barbed wire around the top of your fence.

If you currently live in a neighborhood that doesn’t allow this, you should still strongly consider purchasing enough barbed wire to use during an emergency situation. Keep it stashed somewhere safe that you can easily access in a hurry.

2. Reinforce Your Fence with Wood

Is your fencing weak or easy to cut through with bolt cutters? Grab some wood to reinforce it.

You can attach wood to the entire backside of the fence to not only make it stronger but also to block the view of your property that a standard fence allows.

3. Prepare the Plywood for Your Windows

It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to protect your home from a massive storm or looters because either of these scenarios can easily lead to broken windows.

However, if society has crumbled, looters (or worse) will be able to take advantage of the situation by breaking a window and climbing into your house.

4. Set Up Booby Traps

Most booby traps are illegal, so you’re not going to want to do this unless society has truly fallen apart.

However, if that does happen, you need to be prepared to do whatever is necessary to defend yourself.

This means resorting to some fun and rather nasty booby traps such as the stake pit in the nearby image. A few practical and relatively easy to pull off booby traps include building a stake pit (be sure to choose solid wood that is easy to carve; wooden baseboards are ideal), putting trip wires in place and liberally pouring broken glass all over your window ledges (especially if the ledges are high enough that a would-be intruder can’t see the glass).

5. Make Sure Your Entry Doors are Kick Proof

Do you see anything wrong with the door in the nearby image? Aside from the fact that all of the windows will need to be covered with wood during an emergency, there’s also the problem that the door quite frankly isn’t very strong. But it could be.

What this door needs first is a professional grade deadbolt. If you want to be extra cautious, go ahead and add two of these.

It’s important to remember that no matter how well-fortified your home might be, it’s still a possibility that someone might break in. This means that you need to be prepared by having a few weapons stashed in various secret locations throughout the house.


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