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Islamic Radical Threatens To “Blow Up” A Woman Over Her Choice Of Clothing


A crazed Muslim “bodyguard” Krissoni Henderson threatened a woman’s life over some tight jeans she was wearing. He told her that he would “blow her up” if she did not remove the “inappropriate” pants, he even called her Satan and said, “The police can’t touch me.” However; Henderson was arrested after the verbal assault that lasted 10 minutes in the local park.


Irony is in the picture above, that is Henderson’s wife…look at her clothes? A little tight huh?

The Daily Mail:

A Muslim bodyguard called a woman a ‘prostitute’ and threatened to ‘blow her up’ because she was wearing skinny jeans, a court heard.

Krissoni Henderson, 31, told Noor  Alneaimi she was ‘Satan’ and called her a ‘slut’ before ordering her to take off her jeans while she was listening to a Christian preacher in Birmingham city centre on July 4, prosecutors claim.

The victim, who was also a Muslim, said she was reduced to tears following the ten-minute tirade which attracted a crowd of 60 people and one man asked her: ‘How much do you charge for the night?’

Henderson and several others allegedly hurled pro-ISIS abuse at Ms Alneaimi, 38, which left her ‘absolutely petrified’. 

‘I said to him: ‘Excuse me, why would you say those horrible things to me?’

‘A female with him lunged at me but he said: “Leave it, leave it” and started raising his voice even louder.

‘I stuck my middle finger up at him and told him I was going to report him to the authorities. He said: “They can’t do nothing. I will come to your house and blow up you and blow up your house”‘.

Even after all of this, Henderson was arrested at his home the next day. These Muslim radicals are so crazy. The fact that they think they can hurl insults, and threaten others is crazy. I am so glad the authorities took this seriously. I like that Alneaimi stuck her middle finger up to him, and according to prosecutors, that isn’t the only thing that will be stuck up at him, they are seeking the maximum sentence.


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