• June 13, 2024

Model Says She Her Bikini Fell Off By Accident, But It Looks Staged, What Do You Say?

As the video shows, every time model Natasha Yi tried to exit the pool the water kept pulling down her bikini bottom.

Watch as the bikini model swims over to the pool’s edge and puts her hands on the ledge. When she lifts herself out of the water? Are we allowed to watch this footage…?

Probably tired from a long day of taking pictures and filming, model Natasha just wanted to dry off and get out of the pool. Perhaps, she wanted her tanned skin to soak up the sun.

But that day in Mexico, this model struggled to keep her bikini bottom on…

Of course, the guy watching her took out his video camera and captured the embarrassing moment on film. And then he did something we’re all grateful for – shared it with the world on YouTube.

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