• June 19, 2024

Cheney to GOP: Obama Supported the Muslim Brotherhood and Therefore ISIS

In a closed-door meeting with the House Republicans, former Vice President Dick Cheneyplaced the blame for ISIS, Hamas, and the multiple Islamist groups proliferating in the Middle East, on the shoulders of Barack Obama.

Dick Cheney, former vice president under G.W. Bush
Dick Cheney, former vice president under G.W. Bush

During the meeting, which was confirmed to the Daily Beast‘s Ben Jacobs by multiple congressmen, Cheney accused Obama of “facilitating the Muslim Brotherhood” with his policies. According to Rep. John Fleming (R-LA), Cheney said Obama “has actually done things that have supported the Muslim Brotherhood,” which spurred “the beginning of all the Islamist groups that we’re dealing with now like Hamas and ISIS.”

Anticipating Obama’s upcoming speech on Wednesday on potential military action in Iraq, Cheney called on the GOP to push for more “aggressive” action in the Middle East. By “facilitating the Muslim Brotherhood,” Cheney argued, “our policies have been exactly opposite to where they should be.”

[The Daily Beast]
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