• June 17, 2024

Peaceful Religion Issues Dress Code For Christians

We all have hear the Liberal Left tell us over and over again that Muslims are a Peaceful, Loving, Serine people that only want to live in peace and practice their religion. But what what they don’t say is that to practice their religion, they must control ever part of your life or it is an affront to their God. This is not conjecture, it is fact and it is written in the Koran.

Well now, the Morality Police in Iran are flexing their authority again by telling non Muslims how to dress when they attend services in Christian Churches. The new “advice” is being given to any christian woman they come upon and if they are not wearing the veil inside Christian places of worship they are subject to the harshest penalties.

morality police

Female officers of Iran’s Morality Police were pictured outside the medieval Holy Savior Cathedral in Isfahan last week. Their purpose there was to enforcing the Islamic theocracy’s repressive “modesty laws”. Congregation members reported being lectured on whether or not their hijab was “appropriate” as they entered the Christian sanctuary, part of the Armenian Orthodox Church. That’s right, even Christians must wear the Hijab in Islamic societies.

Women are required to wear the Islamic garment even in the Christian Church, but some do remove them after entry to show defience of the law. Iranian law stipulates that every woman must wear a veil, in accordance with their interpretation of Islam. Failure to follow this law can be enforced viciously, and violent arrests and punishment beatings  are frequently administered to those who disobey.

The laws apply equally in all public places, but enforcing them at a Christian place of worship borders on blasphemy and is especially galling to many worshipers. Women who were stopped outside the cathedral, known locally as the Vank Church, shared their story with the My Stealthy Freedom social media campaign.

Meanwhile, in the United States, feminists tend not to comment on issues surrounding the oppression of women in Muslim nations or on issues of physical abuse. However, ministers in Sweden were forced into taking a stand earlier this month after a public confrontation with Iranian activists, who were upset that female members of Sweden’s “feminist” government  all agreed to wear veils while visiting Iran.

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