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Possible Attack On Assange’s Life Just days After His Lawyer Died



The are concerns that a possible assassination attempt may have been in the works as a lone person invaded the grounds of the Ecuador Embassy in London, where Julian Assange has been living for the past four years.  With so many people who could have ended her presidential ambitions turning up dead, it would not be a stretch of the imagination to think that Assange could be a target, especially since he has been promising an October surprise that would end her campaign.

Fortunately, security guards spotted him climbing the side wall and window of the embassy.  Seriously, other than Assange, what possible reason could anyone have for breaking into the embassy?  To steal their silverware?  What state secrets could they possibly have?  It is doubly suspicious since his lawyer, John Jones,  conveniently, accidentally fell under a train.

From The Express UK:

Security was scrambled at the London building sparking international concern Assange was the target of the intruder.

A statement was put out by WikiLeaks this morning.

It stated: “16 mins ago at 2:47am a “cat burgler” scaled the side wall+window of the Ecuadorian embassy in London; fled after being caught by security.”

Mr Assange has been living inside the embassy for more than four years and has been granted political asylum by Ecuador. 

Fans of Assange took to Twitter to suggest he may now be in danger inside the embassy.

One wrote: “Here we go. I hope Mr. Assange knows what he’s doing. Hope he leaves his information with others in case of an accident.”

Another said: “Somebody is definitely out for Assange. I really do hope Assange has some great intel for us once he’s done redacting.”

Some suspected American involvement.

One Twitter user wrote: “@wikileaks Maybe one of Hillary’s assassins? #saudimoney #neverhillary”

Another said: “@wikileaks attempted assassination you think?”



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