• June 20, 2024

VIDEO: THIS is criminal! LA Public School Teaching Kids “Allah is the One True God”


From Thomas Madison, Powdered Wig Society
But, but, but, I thought teaching religion in public school was illegal. Oh, I see, that applies only to Christianity.

Every single career parasite involved in this should be fired, from the lowest teacher’s aide, to every member of the School Board, to the County School Superintendent, to the school principal, all of whom stood by silently while a teacher or teachers clearly violated the prohibition on teaching religion in our public schools. The teachers themselves should be fired as well, blacklisted from ever teaching again, and given job applications to Burger King as severance pay.

And where is the uber-liberal whorehouse we call the ACLU? There would be tremendous weeping and gnashing of teeth from the liberal weenies if this were Christianity and not Islam being taught to our youngsters.

My own four children were victims of the American public education system, and I deeply regret that economics prevented me from offering them better.

Absolutely sickening!

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