• July 3, 2022

[VIDEO] “YOU’RE ALL SCREWED!” Man Jokes About Having Ebola, Removed From Plane

He didn’t yell “bomb,” but he might as well have. Common sense dictates you might not want to joke that you have Ebola on a crowded airplane several thousand miles in the sky. And yet, as Fox News Latino reported, an unidentified man did just that this week during a flight from Philadelphia to the Dominican Republic.

According to local reports, the passenger sneezed during the flight from Philadelphia to the Dominican Republic, the 54-year-old American – who remains unidentified – reportedly yelled, “I have Ebola, you are all screwed,” according to the Dominican news outlet Diario Libre, while continuing to cough throughout much of the ride. He also claimed he had been to Africa recently.

Once U.S. Airways Flight 845 landed in Punta Cana International Airport, passengers waited several hours on the tarmac while a flight attendant outwardly called the unidentified man an “idiot” for his actions. Several men in blue haz-mat suits appeared aboard the vessel, escorting the man off the plane to a medical facility.

Watch video shot by a passenger below:

After the supposed joke was aired, there was noticeable panic and concern on the airplane, which was carrying 290 passengers. The plane was isolated as soon as it landed in Punta Cana, where a medical team outfitted with hazmat suits boarded the aircraft and removed the passenger.

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After conducting a medical check, the passenger was found not to be infected with the virus. Though he was coughing on the flight, he had no fever when he was inspected. He had never been to Africa, either.

In a video captured by a passenger, an African-American can be seen being taken out of the plane by medical officials.

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