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Daughter of EU Lawyer Who Aids Refugees is Raped and Murdered By a Refugee



Maria Ladenburger, a  19 year old medical student and migrant home volunteer, was raped and murdered on the 16th of October.  Her murderer hasd just been found.  He is a 17 year old refugee.  He has been identified through DNA testing and he is now a suspect in another rape and murder.  Ironically, Ladenburger’s father is a high ranking European official.  He is a lawyer for the notoriously pro-mass migration European Commission.  His job is to bring in massive amounts of refugees into Germany and other countries.  He actually contributed to his daughter’s death.

From Breitbart:

The mayor of Freiburg praised police for working to make their arrest so efficiently, but warned locals to not link the rape and murder to the immigration status of the killer. Green party mayor Dieter Salomon said: “It is good for the police to have [worked on] this cruel and terrible murder so fast… [people should] not use the origin of the culprit to make generalisations about migrants, but instead to see this as an isolated case”.

Baden-Württemberg police are now investigating whether their suspect is linked to another rape and murder case in the area. A local woman named only as ‘Carolin G’ disappeared while jogging in early November and was later discovered to have been raped and murdered, as in the other case.

No, we can’t connect his refugee status to the rape and murder any more than we can connect it to the over 100 cases of sexual assault by refugees last New Year’s Eve.  Why that would be wrong.  Wouldn’t it?

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