• October 1, 2022

Fox News Releases ISIS Next Target After Orlando Terror Attack

The mass murder in Orlando Florida has terrified many in the U.S. and has sent a sobering reminder that ISIS is a threat that isn’t going away. The people in Europe have been rocked by two devastating attacks in just the past year or so.

Authorities are concerned that ISIS has their eyes set on an attack in Belgium or France and have just issued a serious warning.

From Fox News:

Police have been alerted to the possibility that small groups of extremists have left Syria for France and Belgium with plans to stage attacks, but have not raised threat levels, as authorities work to determine how credible the information is.

Belgian intelligence services sent a note to French counterparts about the possible groups, and it was sent to police and anti-terrorism forces across France on Tuesday, a French security official said Wednesday.

French authorities remain “very cautious” about the information because they receive such notes routinely, the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity to be able to discuss sensitive security information. Belgian officials are cautious too, as the information is believed to be from a single intelligence source and hasn’t been confirmed elsewhere.

All of us need to be on high alert. Report suspicious activity. If Obama won’t call it what it is, we will, they are radical terrorists, and we need to stay vigilant.

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