• June 19, 2024

“I am PRO-GUN”, Survivor of Orlando Nightclub Shooting Has New Perspective

Jeff Rodriguez, a survivor of the Pulse nightclub attack in Orlando, says the shooting has given him a new outlook on gun related issues.

“I’m still upset more than sad or depressed; I’m angry because I feel robbed, people’s lives were robbed, my friends’ lives were robbed and those of us who survived were robbed, too,” Rodriguez tells New 6’s Eryka Washington earlier this week.

Rodriguez endured six surgeries and two months in the hospital after sustaining gunshot wounds to his leg, stomach, and neck.

Image credit: LowellSun and Sentinel Enterprise
Image credit: Sentinel Enterprise

Contrary to what people may think, Rodriguez supports gun owners. “A lot of people think because of what happened to me I’m going to be against guns. No … I’m pro guns.”

He does believe there is room for improvement when it comes to gun laws. “Everyone that is allowed to purchase a weapon should undergo some type of evaluation and background check,” says Rodriguez.

Rodriguez also has trouble understanding how the gunman, Omar Mateen, was authorized to purchase a firearm despite being under FBI investigation in the past. “How did that slip through the cracks? Why was this allowed to happen?”.

Rodriguez continues to work towards full recovery. He has his seventh surgery scheduled for next month.


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