• August 10, 2022

No Terrorist Left Behind: ISIS Turning Disabled Fighters Into Rolling IEDs [VIDEO]

Disturbing new footage has emerged of ISIS soldiers strapping bombs to their disabled fighters wheelchairs and then sending them on suicide missions.

This footage reportedly has come from an ISIS network and shows soldiers helping a man out of a car and into his wheelchair. The man has no legs and is loaded with¬†explosives and interviewed before being sent on his “mission”. Just when you think ISIS couldn’t get any worse.

The Mirror reports:

Footage released by a purported ISIS network shows the soldiers helping a man out of a vehicle and into his wheelchair .

The man, who has no legs, is loaded with explosives and interviewed before being wheeled away to complete his mission.

The man in the wheelchair is loaded with explosives (Photo: Copyright unknown)

It is believed that he was carrying out a suicide car bomb attack in Mosul.

Drone footage shows plumes of smoke rising from the area just moments after the man detonates his bomb.

In the rest of the clip, two executions are shown, of men who are accused of being Iraqi coalition spies.

ISIS soldiers pictured alongside their weapons
The man was tasked with carrying out a suicide bomb attack (Photo: Copyright unknown)

One man is handcuffed before being taken to a rooftop and beheaded. The second man is waterboarded before being drowned completely as the audio of his alleged spying activities is played out.

This is believed to be the first execution video of 2017. Entitled the ‘The Procession of Light’, it was released on January 3 after a ‘trailer’ clip promoting its release was earlier circulated.

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