• June 13, 2024

[VIDEO] POLICE BRUTALITY: NYPD cops under criminal investigation after punching, pistol-whipping teen suspect

Caught on surveillance camera two New York Police officers are being investigated for punching and using a gun to bash a teenage African-American boy.

The surveillance footage, obtained by “On The Inside” DNAinfo New York, shows a teenager, Kahreem Tribble, being punched and pistol-whipped by two officers. The incident occurred August 29.

The video shows Tribble, 16, running, then stopping, as a police officer approaches him and throws a punch to his face.

The boy raises his hands. The one of the policemen pushes him against a storefront gate when a second officer arrives with his gun pointed at Tribble. Then the officer beats him with the gun around the head before returning it to his holster.

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