• June 13, 2024

[VIDEO] International Students Describe Americans As Fat, Loud, And Stingy

(Opposing Views) A new video featuring international college students describing Americans gives an unflattering glimpse into how the U.S. is seen outside its borders.

According to Salon.com, the video (below) entitled, “How do you distinguish Americans?” was produced by Sw Yoon, a Korean student.

The Daily Mail notes that the video was filmed at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University in Beppu, Japan.

The students begin by saying that they distinguish Americans by their accent, although one American student states, “I don’t think we have accents.”

A young German woman says Americans are “white, fat,” while her friend adds, “Well, let’s just say they usually have a bit more weight on their hips.”

One Swedish man states, “Often a bit overweight?” and a UK guy piles on, “Some Americans may be a bit larger, you know, not always, but sometimes.”

A Japanese woman says, “Their bodies have big builds.”

A man from South Korea opines, “They are stingy. They say they have no money.”

An Indonesian woman adds, “The clothes they wear when they are sleeping, they usually wear it for school or…”

Several people described Americans as “loud” and “confident.”

“They think they own the world, ” a man from Norway says.

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