• June 20, 2024

Ron Paul: “You cannot have open borders in a welfare state.” Truth!

Handout shows unaccompanied migrant children at a Department of Health and Human Services facility in south Texas

The other jackboot poised to crush America’s throat (amnesty!)

By Anthony Martin, Examiner
Rarely has Barack Obama allowed anything whatsoever to interfere with his numerous vacations, particular when it involves his golf game. But Obama curiously left Martha’s Vineyard this week to go to the White House for a day. He made a brief statement to the press about the beheading of American journalist James Foley. But sources within the White House told members of the press on condition of anonymity that Obama made ready his executive orders involving amnesty for illegal aliens. This would represent the other jackboot being laid to the throat of honorable citizens and taxpayers.
The first jackboot is already crushing the necks of most Americans in the form of a centralized federal government that increasingly knows no boundaries or limitations of the law.

The scuttlebutt is that Obama also consulted with certain business leaders and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce about the possibility of brining in approximately eight million illegal aliens who would be given special work visas that would allow them to stay in the United States while working for certain large corporate interests that want the cheap labor represented by Mexican and Central American illegals.

Apparently Obama interrupted his vacation so that these executive orders would be ready to be issued immediately upon his return from his vacation. The urgency of this action, say sources, is predicated on the assumption that the eight million illegals will be here just in time for the November midterm elections. Election watchdog groups have long suspected that many illegal aliens somehow find a way to vote even though they are not citizens. With the Obama-Holder Justice Department’s reluctance to prosecute such criminal behavior, that behavior is only encouraged.

But as it has often been pointed out, making such exceptions for illegals who want to work for large U.S. corporations on the cheap has enraged those Mexicans and others who obeyed the nation’s immigration laws and went through the legal channels to become citizens. “If I did it the legal way,” they often say, “then everyone should do it legally with no exceptions. People who break the law to get into the country before others who have waited patiently are nothing but bullies, opportunists, and likely criminals.”

These are not the only criminals in this enterprise. U.S companies that break our immigration laws by hiring these illegal aliens are also criminals. They have tossed their integrity to the wind. Who wants to work for a company that disregards the law? People of integrity and honor sure don’t.

Libertarians have often expressed a knee jerk reaction to the sentiments expressed here concerning illegal aliens and border security. Many want open borders completely with absolutely no restrictions placed on illegal aliens and the companies who hire them. This is asinine in a day and age like ours.

As Ron Paul has often said, “You cannot have open borders in a welfare state.” This is 100 percent true. Open borders in a nation should as ours that has become one big Santa Claus of freebies, welfare, free healthcare, and free education only invites immigrants to come into the country for one thing only — to get the free stuff, compliments of the taxpayers. These persons never paid a dime into the system their whole lives, yet they expect the taxpayers — who have had tons of money confiscated from their paychecks to fund social programs — to pick up the tab for their living expenses as soon as they get here.

How is that fair? It isn’t in any form or fashion. And this is precisely why Dr. Paul contends that you cannot have open borders in a welfare state. The nation will get nothing but freeloaders.

Thus, those who scream to high heaven about opening up the borders to anyone and everyone have some hard work to do first. The welfare state must be dismantled or at least some heavy restrictions applied so that those who wish to move here from other countries will have purer motives for doing so than just to get the freebies.

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